PV-Anlage mit Stromspeicher

Erschienen in: Die Fleischerei, Ausgabe 3/2016 Die innovative Stromanlage von Thomas Eisele, Inhaber der gleichnamigen Metzgerei im oberschwäbischen Ostrach, umfasst auch einen speziell an die Bedürfnisse seines Betriebs angepassten Stromspeicher … Read more

Energy storage for businesses: benefits, usage and new developments

Solar panel owners are fully aware that feed-in tariffs for their own production of
kilowatt-hours are significantly less than what it costs to draw the same amount of
power from the public grid. Unfortunately, as photovoltaic panels produce the most
energy during the middle of the day, their output frequently does not coincide with
demand. While during peak hours of sunshine solar panels frequently deliver surplus
energy, businesses (and not exclusively those with high energy consumption) require
huge amounts of energy before the sun has risen, or once it has set. The solution for
this issue comes in the form of electricity storage, which stores the surplus energy you
produce and discharges it when needed, therefore reducing the demand on the grid.

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